23rd July, 2014

chalkydrink asks:

On your website for The Hanged Man you mention having lots of other projects and things that you do for work, and I'm just super curious; do you have any plans to unveil any of the other comics you work on in the future, or are any of them going to be available to buy? I'm absolutely in love with your work and if there's any news of a project of yours being in print I would definitely buy it. Thanks! <3

Yes! I have a couple that I am not able to mention right now, but there are three shorts that I’m writing and drawing in anthologies that I can tell you about that will be available later this year/early next!

The first will be a short story called about a creepy river in the second volume of Blood Root, from Sawdust Press, out later this year.

The second is another (much happier short) about my old puppy that will be in Then It Was Dark, out either late this year or early next.

And the third is a sort of campy western with lots of hallucinogenic cactus in Jet Plastic, which is currently set to be out around March. 

The remainder are some longer projects that I can’t reveal yet (but can hopefully soon), that I will be sure to announce the second I am able, and all will definitely be available to purchase in print!

And in the mean time, The Hanged Man will be resuming updates later this week in the form of monthly, 4-6 page chunks, which I’m super excited about!

And, of course, thank you SO MUCH for your support! It goes without saying that I’m so, so incredible grateful for everyone’s patience and continued enthusiasm with what I know is a pretty painful update schedule. You guys are SUPER rad.